K3s CPU Usage Bug Still Plaguing the Project

K3s is plagued by a CPU usage bug that the project can't seem to shake.

K3s CPU Usage Bug Still Plaguing the Project
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K3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution that can be used to run Kubernetes clusters on a variety of devices, including embedded systems, edge devices, and personal computers. It is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to run Kubernetes.

However, k3s is plagued by a CPU usage bug that the project can't seem to shake.

A year ago I wrote about a problem where an idle k3s cluster will gradually increase its cpu use over time. I was able to repeat this problem in both versions 1.21 and 1.22.

Now that it has been some time and  a couple new versions have been released, I wanted to go back and test it out again.

I spun up a fresh Debian VM and installed k3s 1.25.7 and let it idle for a day.

Unfortunately, history repeated itself.

I observed the exact same pattern. The idle CPU use of the k3s node started at about 8% and seemed to increase about 1% per day.

CPU use of an idle k3s cluster over about 2 days. Ignore the spike. I was playing with it then.

I love the idea of running a lightweight k3s distribution. Nothing I am running in my homelab requires a full scale kubeadm-instantiated k8s cluster.

But the existence of this CPU-use bug negates the whole point of the lightweighted-ness of k3s. And this bug is truly unique to k3s. I have a VM running a k8s cluster as well on the same hypervisor and its CPU use stays consistent for weeks on end.

Its really disappointing this remains an issue.

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