After putting hundreds of hours into X-Plane 11 and downloading ~4TB of ortho-scenery, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 finally released this year with 2 petabytes of world scenery. Scenery AI-generated from satellite imagery and ready to be streamed directly to my PC.

So many things here are relevant to my interests.

Seriously, look at it. It's beautiful.

I have started flying on a world tour. Not just the quickest flight around the planet, but a flight around the entire earth with many, many stops along the way for sightseeing. To see places I probably never will get to during my lifetime. The scenery is that good.

I am already several flights in. I will start making posts documenting the major milestones of the journey. Blogging about the trip will keep me motivated and accountable to finish it.

I am making all of my flights with live-weather, which means only flying with weather permitting in whatever location I am currently in.

I am flying without time acceleration which means most of my flights are short 1-3 hour trips because that is the free time I have to sit at my computer.

So each milestone blog I make will likely feature several legs of the trip. But we will see how it goes as time goes on.

Here we go!